Commercial and Business Advice by Brian Richards and Richards Advisory ensuring business growth and success by minimising business risks.
Commercial and Business Advice

Some like big picture thinking, while others like working with smaller details. In business, it’s the synergy of the two that provides the driving force for business growth and success. For many commercial and business advisors, their clients face a wide variety of problems and challenges in their businesses, paving way for uncertainty and a lack in business confidence. Although business owners are hard-wired to have a certain level of optimism about their businesses prospects, they are highly aware of the risks associated with running their business. They want to be able to take action and protect their business by de-risking and managing their associated business risks. By understanding and addressing business risks, businesses will not only survive but also thrive. 

With decades of experience, I have the specialist knowledge and experience to guide my advisory clients, as they support and protect their business clients from the risks that typically arise as a business grows. At Richards Advisory, I work with you and your clients to provide strategic tax advice that complements commercial and business advisory services including:

  • Asset protection strategies
  • Small business CGT issues
  • Business mergers, sales & acquisitions
  • All CGT rollovers relating to asset and business restructure
  • Capital management strategies including, capital raising, share buy backs and capital reduction
  • Transactional tax advice
  • Partnerships, syndications and joint ventures
  • Trust structures
  • Business structuring advice
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection structuring, infringements and disputes
  • Not for profit issues

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